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Project Jugaad is a Collaborative, International Educational Research Project between schools in India and the UK into the role of mathematics in technology.


What will you be doing in ten years; engineer, doctor, businessman, architect? Mathematics has a hugely important role in the technology that is all around us and which we take for granted every day; from your mobile phone and laptop to the systems that keep you safe on a plane or the trials which take place to ensure the medicines we need are effective.

Project Jugaad aims to get you to discover more about the role of maths in technology through a collaborative international activity.

The Brief:

Choose an area of Technology that interests you and investigate the role of mathematics in order to produce a presentation and share your findings with other groups.

Your group needs to produce a digital presentation and a paper version to put up in your classroom. The best 4 projects will be asked to complete a Skype Presentation in front of both classes. Be creative both in terms of your ideas but also your presentation. Try and promote your groups ideas through social media, you could even come up with an advertising campaign to raise your groups profile.

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